A Generous Grace: A Generous Gift

Giving Just Got Easier

We recently upgraded our giving platform to make donating easier and more secure.

To get started, you can click on Make A Donation to set up your account.

If you need additional help, please contact our Financial Manager, Bobby McGill, at (864)654-2347

At First Baptist Clemson, we believe that generosity begins in the heart as a result of God’s generous grace. Through Christ grace abounds, and through our generosity of giving the love of Christ abounds.

“Whoever gives generously will receive generously and generous gifts come with joy from the heart.”

2 Corinthians 9:6

Experience the joy of generous giving by signing up for recurring online giving. By giving regularly online you will experience a generosity of consistency, commitment, and confidence.


Scheduling your giving online will allow you to be consistent with your giving. No more worrying about forgetting the checkbook or being out of town and having to “catch-up” with your offering. We all know that “Catching up” with our giving is like “Catching up on sleep,” seldom does it happen. We all need to be consistent our generosity.


Many people hesitate to make regular generous gifts or “tithe 10%” because they don’t think they will have enough money left for other expenses. By scheduling your giving online, you will see that you have more than enough money left to live a blessed life and you will have the confidence to maintaining your generous giving.