A Timeline of Our History

1907  Clemson College Baptist Church is organized. 

1909  Rev. Thomas V. McCaul becomes the first pastor. Services are held in the College Chapel. 

1910   The first Women’s Missionary Unit [WMU] is organized.

1913   The first church building, seating 500 people, is dedicated. 

1913   The first Sunday School is organized.

1932  The first Baptist Student Union [BSU] Council begins to function. 

1940  The first building expansion is completed. 

1944   Harold Cole comes as the first Baptist Campus Minister. 

1951   The church name is changed to Clemson Baptist Church. 

1964  A 1,000 seat sanctuary with additional educational space is completed and dedicated. 

1965  Ron Whitlock comes as the first Minister of Music and Youth. 

1971    The church changes the requirement for deacon eligibility to include all adults 21 years and older who have been members for                    at least one year. 

1973   Sarah Cooper becomes the first ordained female Deacon. 

1974   A constitution is adopted establishing a committee style of governance. The deacon eligibility age becomes 18. 

1974   The name of the church is changed to First Baptist Church of Clemson. 

1975   The church votes to accept members from other denominations who have previous baptism experiences. 

1978   A Baptist Student Center is built near campus and BSU activities are moved out of our church. 

1980  Sanford Beckett comes as the first Minister of Education and Singles. 

1987   English as a Secondary Language classes begin to be freely offered to the community. 

1991   The church becomes a member of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Amy Jacks Dean becomes the first ordained female                         minister and the first Minister of Students and Singles. 

1994   The first mission trip to build houses in Honduras is taken. 

1999   Mary Smith comes as the first Children’s Coordinator. 

1999   The original church building is razed. 

2001   The Child Enrichment Center begins operating. 

2004   The Cooperative Student Fellowship [CSF] is organized and recognized by the University as an official campus organization. 

2005   Construction on the newest addition begins in September. 

2006   Construction and renovation is completed in November, with a community Open House Celebration on December 10.

2007   Our Centennial year is celebrated with many special events. Rusty Brock is installed as the 16th pastor. A Strategic Plan for                      Mission is developed and implemented. 

2011     A Community-wide Basketball Camp for children is offered in the Family Life Center.

2012    A Church-wide Visioning Process is undertaken.  

2013    A new governance structure is adopted and implemented.